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Proper draining and flushing of the gray & black waste tanks

When you arrive at the Campground to Hook Up:

1)      Connect the sewer hose to the outlet at the camper and the septic drain at the campground.

2)      Open the gray water valve, but leave the black water valve closed.


While you are Camping:

Don’t open the black water valve until ready to dump the sewer water.  It is not necessary to dump unless the tank is full or you are ready to go home.


Day Before You Leave to go Home:

 Leave the black water valve closed and at lunchtime also close the gray water valve so it can accumulate soapy water from the dishes at lunch, supper and from showers at night.

 BE CAREFUL not to let the gray tank overflow by checking the level on the tank monitor panel.


The Morning You Leave to go Home:

 1) Leave the gray valve closed, open the black valve and let it drain completely. 

 2)      When the oozing stops, close the black valve and open the toilet flusher or use a cleaning wand to fill black tank to full. 

 3)      Open the black valve and drain the tank completely.

 4)      Close the black valve and open the gray valve for the soapy water to clean the sewer hose.

 5)      Close the gray valve.

 6)      Now with both valves closed, store sewer hose in hose bumper.

 7)      Open toilet bowl and add 8 ounces of chemical while water is running through the toilet.  Continue to let water run through the toilet for a count of 20, in order to allow a couple of gallons to mix with the chemicals.

 As you drive home, the chemical mixture sloshes around in tank, cleaning up any residue.  


Storing your Trailer

As your trailer is stored waiting on your next trip, it continues to “eat” and liquify residue, leaving a pleasant smell in your camper, plus your holding tank is charged and ready to use for your next trip.  All you have to do is flush and go!



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